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Thursday, 24 May 2012

Last of the Grotspots (Grotspot 3)

At first glance nothing too disastrous here. Some leaves to be swept up, overhanging branches to trim, rubber tubing lying around and a fence that could do with some protection from the elements. Let's walk down to the end of the platform though and we see a different picture...

Here's a close up of the same:-

Naturally we felt the urge to deal with this fine mess as a matter of urgency and quickly set to work filling several bags of rubbish, which Eric willingly disposed of at the local tip. The same morning we trimmed the trees back and swept up the leaves and debris and have made a good start at improving this far top end of the station.

Pictorial evidence of the improved environment will follow in a post very soon, when I will round up some of the work we have been carrying out over the past few weeks.

And that folks concludes our tour of the worst grotspots on the station. From here on in, things get a little more savoury.

Bye for now but don't forget that if you want to follow the progress of the FOHS group, just type your e-mail address into the long bar across the top of the blog and new posts will go straight into your inbox.

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