Friends of Hadfield Station

Sunday, 22 July 2012

INAUGURAL MEETING - Wednesday 25th July

Hi to all our Friends, supporters and well wishers,

Just a quick line to let the world know that we are truly up and running, to the extent that we will be holding the inaugural meeting of Friends of Hadfield Station on Wednesday 25th July at 7.45pm in the upstairs room at Hadfield Hall.

Please use the Railway St entrance. The main agenda items will be the adoption of a constitution and the election of officers.

Come along if you are interested in the work of the group and might like to help in some way or if you just want to find out a little more about the work that we do and please tell anyone you know who you think might be interested.

I look forward to seeing you on the night.

In the meantime here is some light reading material for everyone - please find below an article from the current issue of Glossop Life where there is a piece about us in the communities section. You will need to use magnificaton to read the detail in the print.

Best wishes


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Sunday, 15 July 2012

Planting the Station Approach in June

Hi Everyone,

In the recent June Sundays, we have met each week (except for the one where we got well and truly rained off) and have continued to dig and plant the grassed/weeded/littered area on the approach to the ticket office.

The area was best characterised by cigarette butts and unkempt foliage that was a refuse for small items of discarded rubbish and was generally speaking, a bit of a mess, dull, drab and certainly not very pretty. If you view this previous blogpost, you can see pictures of what it was like, just a couple of months ago.

Here are a few snaps of the Friends taking action over the past month to improve matters:-

So following many weeks of dedicated digging, planting and weeding, along with a weekly clearance of fresh litter and butts, it feels like we have got on top of this particular corner of the station and that the bulk of the work for this project is now behind us.

Today we have another small area ready for planting, so hopefully very soon I will be able to publish some snaps of the finished article before we move on to our next area of improvement.

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Opening of the Heritage Trail - Sunday 27th May

Hi Folks,

I'm fully aware that the blog is a few posts behind but hopefully that will be rectified soon. Sunday 27th May saw the opening of the Heritage Trail in the station yard, which meant that we were unable to do any of our regular work that day. However, we did have a stall at the event, our very first public outing, at which we were simply looking for new contacts that might be interested in joining the FOHS group and also fundraising.

Happy to report that we had success with both. Members of the public made donations for old books that I had sourced or just made a donation anyhow because they were just glad we existed and from that we made £32.15p - our very first source of income. We also made about half a dozen new contacts whom we will be inviting to an inaugural meeting in the near future, as one of the next things we must do is set up a formal structure with Chair, Treasurer, Secretary etc.

The top picture shows the official opening with local dignitaries and celebrities all posing for me whilst I took my best shot! From left to right they are the High Peak Deputy Mayor Tony Kemp, Cllr. Anthony McKeown, our very own Joy Hallsworth who is also chair of the Hadfield & Padfield Heritage group, Derbyshire County Council leader George Wharmby and his wife Cllr. Jean Wharmby, Olympic hopeful Katie Byres and Apprentice contestant Adam Corbally.

From that information you can work out the line up in the second photo, except for the man in the sun hat who I recognise as local heritage historian and neighbour Roger Hargreaves.

Actually the main point of taking the photo was for you to view the foliage behind the Deputy Mayor. Only weeks before, that area had been mainly cigarette butts, bits of broken glass and weeds. In an unforseen way therefore, the work put in during recent weeks has created a much better backdrop for quite a major event in Hadfields recent history. Glad to play our part.