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Sunday, 15 July 2012

Planting the Station Approach in June

Hi Everyone,

In the recent June Sundays, we have met each week (except for the one where we got well and truly rained off) and have continued to dig and plant the grassed/weeded/littered area on the approach to the ticket office.

The area was best characterised by cigarette butts and unkempt foliage that was a refuse for small items of discarded rubbish and was generally speaking, a bit of a mess, dull, drab and certainly not very pretty. If you view this previous blogpost, you can see pictures of what it was like, just a couple of months ago.

Here are a few snaps of the Friends taking action over the past month to improve matters:-

So following many weeks of dedicated digging, planting and weeding, along with a weekly clearance of fresh litter and butts, it feels like we have got on top of this particular corner of the station and that the bulk of the work for this project is now behind us.

Today we have another small area ready for planting, so hopefully very soon I will be able to publish some snaps of the finished article before we move on to our next area of improvement.

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