Friends of Hadfield Station

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Introducing the Friends

Truly not a prank, 10.00am Sunday April the First 2012 was the official time that the Friends of Hadfield Station group (henceforth to be abbreviated to FOHS) was finally born. This was when we held our inaugural platform meeting, with a view to surveying  what jobs and affectations could be undertaken in the here and now to begin the process of  improving and enhancing the station and its environs.

The above photo was taken on the occasion, during that fantastic spell of warm spring weather, as indicated by Darren sporting shorts and t-shirt which normally would have been considered unseasonal wear.  Aah, see how the sun shines on the righteous!  Also pictured are Jake, Darren's son (and a real train enthusiast) and standing, is Eric Igo who has been a real spur, motivating us from stationary to station platform.

The Gang of Four at this inaugural meeting was completed by myself, Steve Bagshaw, hidden from view , by virtue of being the photographer. For future reference and to avoid the further necessity of my mugshot appearing on these pages, below (far right) is a photo of yours truly, posing for the Glossop Chronicle last summer, when the notion of a Friends group was first mooted.

Having sojourned the platform and given it the once over, we have come up with a few jobs to be getting on with and have some ideas for the future, which I'll share in the next blogposts. If you'd like to have future posts sent to your inbox, so as not to miss one, then please enter your e-mail address in the large box above and it will be done. Consider yourself a friend!

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